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At Calvary Mater Newcastle we are transforming radiation oncology treatment in the Newcastle and Hunter region, providing the very latest technology available for cancer patients from January 2015. And, by referring your patients to us they will receive the benefit of no out-of-pocket expenses (private or public), no waiting time, after work appointment availability and free dedicated parking. 

We are currently installing the very latest in stereotactic linear accelerators, the Varian ‘Truebeam’, the only one in the Newcastle and Hunter region, vastly improving the accuracy and speed of radiation treatment delivery for complex conformal treatments, especially for stereotactic treatment. This will expand our ability to treat patients with a non-invasive, convenient treatment for both early cancers and oligometastases.

We can now offer stereotactic radiotherapy for lung nodules and bone and brain metastases. This is the precision delivery of high radiation doses given in 1 to 5 treatments thus improving cancer control rates and convenience for patients. The treatment of other tumour sites including liver, kidney, nodes and adrenal tumours will be rolled out next year with the installation of the new linear accelerator. Stereotactic tumour boosts for localised prostate cancer are also offered on clinical trial, reflecting our mission to innovate and drive research. We are happy to review your patients for an opinion about suitability for stereotactic radiotherapy.

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‘TrueBeam’ Advantageous Features

Improved ability to deliver stereotactic ablative doses in faster time thus adding to patient comfort with shorter and fewer visits to hospital for treatment: